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The A330 MRTT

“At the heart of warfare lies doctrine”

General Curtis LeMay, 1968.


The A330 MRTT is the most advanced and capable Air to Air Refuelling tanker in proven operational service in the world today.

As an Air to Air Refuelling Tanker, the A330 MRTT can facilitate the multiplication and projection of force, it can can extend the range of fighter, strike and airlift aircraft.  It can extend endurance of fighter, maritime, reconnaissance and C2 aircraft.  Tanker AAR makes it possible for receiver-capable aircraft to make short-field take-offs, with full armament loads, or full passenger or cargo loads, but with reduced fuel loads to reduce take-off weight. Fighter/attack aircraft operations from damaged runways or suitable emergency strips, such as taxiways or closed-off public highways, are made more possible with A330 MRTT support.

Excess fuel can be tankered and offloaded at forward operating bases with bulk-storage containers where surface transport cannot be used, via the Ground Tanker feature.

 In a coalition environment A330 MRTT aircraft can extend the range and endurance of any compatible AAR receiver capable aircraft.  The aircraft internal fuel tanks hold sufficient fuel that no additional tanks are required or fitted. 

As a transport aircraft, the A330 MRTT is a credible strategic airlift platform for passengers and cargo.

 As an AAR Receiver, the A330 MRTT can fly non-stop, to any point around the world.